Friday, December 05, 2008

Video Time

Let's see if this works. I finally took the time to pull some videos off the camera. (What better do I have to do at 11:45pm? Why am I not in bed?) Anyway, this one is from the pre-snow days. Let's say, mid-October. Enjoy! I hope that family and friends that we dont get to see much get a chance to see Taryn through these videos. I have a few more...but I likely wont post them tonight!

Another funny video, if you are into marriage humor: Beware of the Doghouse. Thanks to Sue for the link!

What else...the video is still loading so I am trying to think of what else to talk about...not much.

Work work work. In the office, at home, and around the house.

It's cold. And its not even COLD yet (according to some people). The snow is definitely here to stay. My brother is in the sunshine in Jamaica (lucky bugger).

Taryn is learning new words every day. Its got to be one of my favorite things when I understand 1 more thing, and 1 more thing...its really exciting.

Tomorrow I want to get myself to the gym, and stop at Starbucks for a yummy coffee. Now, does that make sense? I will probably drink more calories in the coffee than I will burn at the gym. So should I just stay home and do nothing? It would all work out the same in the end, right?

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