Saturday, January 03, 2009

Project 365

Happy New Year everyone! We had a great Christmas and New Year here...we spent some time at home and some time away. Santa was good to us all. Taryn really got into the presents this year and especially loves her dollys and dolly stroller. She also got a kitchen set and play food that she likes to play with.

I have decided to do a project this year called Project 365 - sort of my new year's resolution. The project is to take at least one picture every day all year. So far, so good! (3 whole days ha ha). Well, Ashton took the day 2 picture (maybe I should tell him that he is involved LOL). The second part of the project will be to post all the pictures on my blog - so get ready for lots of pictures (hopefully!) I also hope it will help me to blog more, even if it ends up just being pictures. The other benifit of all the pictures is more to scrapbook! And we all know that I love to do it should be a win-win project!

Here are the first 3 days pictures:
Jan 1: Outside "helping" daddy shovel grandma's deck

Jan 2: Hockey star

Day 3: Peek a boo (in new pj's from cousins K&B)

Bonus pic: CHEESE! I am so happy Taryn is understanding the camera just in time for this project. We should get lots of cheesy grins this year! :)

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Heather M. said...

Good for you! Cute pics!