Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ah, Sunday.

I love Sundays. They are my lazy, comfy, fun days. Except for the tantrums and timeouts so far today. :) But oh well. I try not to do too much work, and I give myself lots of excuses to scrapbook or do other "me" things. Speaking of scrapbooking - I have signed up for an online class that starts Feb 1st. There are going to be 8 super pretty projects to learn and do - I am excited. A super sweet lady, Wilna, is teaching it. She is actually from PA, which is even cooler! She is like my local scrapbooking celebrity. ;) She would probably never say that about herself though! You can see more about the class if you click on the little banner on the right.

I have some more pictures for you! So far we are having fun keeping up with the 365 project.

Jan 20: Taryn's babies (and her lion LOL). The lion is becoming her "comfort" toy. If it isnt in her crib when she goes to sleep she asks for it.

Jan 21: Wearing daddy's hat

Jan 22: Wearing mommy's slippers (seeing a trend here?)

Jan 23: Watching cousin Jared play hockey. (the lighting was awful in the rink!)

Jan 24: Brother & Sister. Yes! I am using this picture! ha ha!

Jan 25: Puzzle time. Taryn got a few puzzles for Christmas and has mastered them all. Note to grandma: get working on that new one for her birthday!! ;) that the blog is updated I am off to...what else...SCRAPBOOK! :)

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