Thursday, February 05, 2009

February already

Did January fly by for anyone else? On one hand, that is good, because it was FREEZING! But on the other hand, it feels like I havent done anything since Christmas!

Jan 26: Someone is having a timeout.Jan 27: Waking up from her nap. I actually went in to wake her up this day (I dont usually wake her up but it was close to 5pm) and she was in the funniest position, so I ran to get the camera. But she woke up before I got back...darn!

Jan 28: The humidifier is a contant in our house in the winter.

Jan 29: "Helping" me make cookies. It was a very chocolatey spoon, as you can see from her face!

Jan 30: A card I made for Mom & Dad B's 40th anniversairy.

Jan 31: A fun morning with Ty & Jayella. Thanks for having us over! We had fun!!

Feb 1: 40th anniversairy get-together in Dalmeny.

Feb 2: Reading her knock-knock book.

Feb 3: Crazy hair! Hence...the humidifier!! The new couch downstairs totally gives us static!

Feb 4: Peek a boo!! With a "bwankie" (one of her newer words)

I am now being called for juice and cookie time - a morning ritual I still want to photograph. Gotta run!!

ps - please ignore that she is in the SAME pyjamas for 4/10 of the pictures! I do do the laundry! LOL!!!

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