Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines day

my gift to you is...this blog post. ha ha! Hey...take it or leave it. ;)

Feb 5: my cute little ipod shuffle. Took the picture for a scrapping project.

Feb 6: A page I scrapbooked about taking Taryn to the pool for her 1st birthday.
Feb 7: Kelsee and I went to the SYTYCD Canada Tour. It was a lot of fun! (Thanks for coming with me Kelsee!!)

Feb 8: This stroller. Oh this stroller. It comes EVERYWHERE! Upstairs, downstairs, everybody has had a walk in it. LOL I am glad it is an active (and relatively quiet) toy! She loves it! (thanks S&D!)

Feb 9: My current read...(finished last night actually)

Feb 10: Happy Birthday to me!

Feb 11: Time out! I used the remote to snap pictures while Taryn and I played hockey.

Feb 12: Just Dance! (video coming soon!)

Feb 13: More hockey! The new thing is having to wear a sock on her hand, since daddy showed her his hockey gloves. LOL A wooden spoon does the trick for a stick, too!

Feb 14: Work work work! Taryn and her keyboard (an old keyboard with the cord cut off). She has to sit beside mommy in her own chair, with her "coffee" (juice) and work when I am on my computer.
Hope you all have a day full of love!

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