Monday, March 16, 2009

In like a lion...

The beginning of March was FRIDGID! So I sure hope the saying is true and it will become mild very very soon. I is getting better. Plus the extended light hours sure feel good! Onto the pictures of March (so far).
March 1: First Sunday of Lent. My Bible.

March 2: A quick break in the weather! Taryn and I took a walk to see the ice sculptures from the winter festival that ended the day before.

March 3: She is so tall!!

March 4: Chill time before her nap. This routine started when she wasnt feeling good one day and it has sort of stuck...

March 5: MORE SNOW!

March 6: Toys under the couch? No problem...just go get one of mommy's wooden spoons!

March 7: Packing up some clothes to lend to a friend.

March 8: Daddy plays hockey. (thanks to Jill T for this picture - I didnt make it to the game)

March 9: New room decorations! A funny story how we found these. And I got them with the idea that I would put them up later...but they were so cute and they ended up fitting into her room perfectly! There are more (bird cages, etc) around her room.

March 10: Sharing a snack with Mommy.

March 11: Playdate! Started with chasing the other girl to get her toys back...ended with chasing and tickles! It was fun (plus the mommies scrapbooked!!)


Just Rhonda said...

did you make that bible cover?? It's super cute!

Amanda said...

Your girl is just so darn cute! Growing up too fast, tho!