Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm behind!

I am behind both in posting and taking pictures!! I seem to have some holes in my project...bummer.

March 12: Someone helps me unload the dishwasher.

March 13/14: missing...must figure something out...

March 15: Found some boots at Grandma's

March 16: Building a tower, then checking out Roo's ears at the top with her dr stuff. LOL

March 17: Smile! You're as pretty as a princess!

March 18: missing again. :(
March 19: Helping me pack for my scrapbooking weekend.

March 20: My spot at the crop with a sweet book Dawn made for me!

March 21: The group with all their Dawn Dawn books!

March 22: Unpacking....what a mess!!

March 23: Dance dance dance!
March 24: One of my favorite pictures

March 25: Go Leafs Go!

March 26: Love this pic too - its just so funny! I got her some playdough in this little easter chick - the loves the chick more than the dough. Well...I took the dough away because she kept eating it. YUCK!

March 27: Saw Twilight with K from work. Brought these drinks with as a joke. I found the labels online to print and glue onto bottles of cream soda or jones strawberry.

March 28: Starting our house selling process

March 29: Some tulips I got at the store. I loved having some flowers in the house!

March 30: The "For Sale" sign went up.

March 31: (stole this from auntie L's facebook until I can steal more from Dad's camera!) Visit from family. Nice to see them - it had been nearly 2 years!! Taryn was 2 months old...

That (sort of) does it for March...hopefully I can do better in April, but so far, it doesnt look all that promising! We've been busy keeping the house clean, going to the bank, and looking for a place to move to. So far we have found 2 houses that we really like. Hopefully at least one of them will still be available when our house sells - we can't do a whole lot before then.

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