Friday, April 17, 2009

April Pics

Ah, April. Spring is finally around the corner. I hope. Some places about 30 min from here got 6 inches of snow yesterday. Gross. Anyway...I am happy that we are pretty much snow free (there is a TINY patch left in the garden but thats IT!)

Onto some pictures...
April 1: Picnic time! Hopefully we can have these outside soon!

April 2: Bad mommy. Taking pictures of my crying girl. Crocodile tears.

April 3: Cooking up some lunch in her kitchen.

April 4: Playing with white balance settings on my camera. Teddy was the test subject.

April 5: More camera playing. This is a little figurine I got on our honeymoon. It suits me well.

April 6: A little alphabet book I am working on for Taryn. I started at the crop in March - not quite finished all the letters yet.

April 7: Just some of my scrappy yumminess on the shelf above my desk. Ribbons and flowers and buttons... :) :)

April 8: Looking at a little tag book I made a while ago. Its one of the only little albums she can reach so she looks at it a lot.

April 9: Raking the front lawn with daddy. I TOTALLY Photoshopped our grass to make it look green. It is very brown! But I was just playing around, and the picture looks better like this!

April 10: Getting some Easter treats and toys on Good Friday. Ashton had to work on Easter Sunday so we gave her treats early. She liked the blue stuff and the 75 cent cup the best. LOL

April 11: Giving her new fuzzy purple bunny a hug!

April 12: Taryn's Easter outfit. She didnt want to take it off when we got home from church, but I dont think the tomato soup would have gone good with it!

That's all the pictures I have for now. In other news, we put a (conditional) offer in on a house yesterday. So thats exciting. Now we just have to sell our house. Hopefully that will happen soon!!

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Lee said...

Great pics. Have to laugh about photoshopping the grass. Perhaps I would too ... if I could figure out photoshop. All of my stuff is SOOC. If nothing else, it's quick :)