Friday, May 01, 2009

Can't believe...

It's MAY already!! April went by fast, and what's really crazy is that Taryn will be TWO in less than a week!! Meanwhile, we have sold our house (YAY!) and are very quickly packing, as we need to move by the end of the month. Luckily, we have found something to move into...although there may be some complications with the date, and we could be living with Grandma and Grandpa for 2-4 weeks.
Onto the pictures!
April 13: Goldfish are a favorite snack...Ashton found this dish when I sent him grocery shopping.

April 14: Playing hide n' seek. Someone is a bit of a cheater!! lol ;)

April 15: I have been taking pictures of our house, since we will be leaving soon.

April 16: Treasure hunt for Easter and G&G B's. She was more excited about the movie than the chocolate!

April 17: First trip to the park this spring. Fun stuff!!

April 18: New shoes!! (they flash! lol)

April 19: Potty training treats! (the things kids do for smarties!)

April 20: No pants, as we are in potty-training-mode. But she wanted her hat (???) and slippers. Quite the outfit...
April 21: Balloons are fun!

April 22: Sort of a redundant picture...more balloons! This has got to be the cheapest fun toy ever.

April 23: A layout I did...its hanging on my wall now. I love this picture.

April 24: Big girl panties!! She is doing SO good with the potty training.

April 25: Time with Grandma.

April 26: Mommy and Taryn before church. Had to use the nice clothes and sunshine for a photo op. :)

April 27: She wanted to wear my jacket. ET anyone?? (just kidding. a little bit)

April 28: this picture is also from Sunday. But it was too cute. I played with it a bit in photoshop...I want to make it look a little more 'vintage' still...

April 29: Fwuffing the potty. (a little trouble with "lll" and "sh" sounds!)

April 30: With her big teddy bear. Not feeling so good this day.

My little peanut has been sick with the flu for the last few days. I dont think she has eaten since Wednesday. I guess the flu is really going around here...hopefully Ashton and I can escape it. I really need to do some deep cleaning...and more poor girl. I hope she feels better real soon.


pattimillerphoto said...

I can not believe Taryn is nearly 2! and potty training?? isn't she still a baby!?! :) Always enjoy catching up on your uber cute blog!! :) have fun packing!!

Anonymous said...

Hey great pictures, I haven't been on here for a long time! What's the new blog name mean, you've got me curious. Hope you're feeling better. Talk to you soon.

tjk said...

Ok come one Smarties, who wouldn't do anything for smarties... they are the best... actually second place to my favorite - MINI EGGS!! Tell Taryn I will get her hooked up with the good stuff!

Just Rhonda said...

love the cute change to the blog. And I can't believe she is potty training already too! (she's gonna be before Lucy is!)