Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still here!

Wow. I am so behind. Its JULY tomorrow, and I havent posted since mid-May. Yes, we are still alive. And we are in our new house. I guess thats my excuse...moving. It has been a long and tiring process!! But we are in, and getting settled...and finding a few things that we werent expecting...
...leaky skylight (she said it had been fixed. sigh.)
...lower than standard countertops (which means my stove doesnt fit properly, nor will my dishwasher install, that we have already bought!)
...junk junk everywhere!

There were some serious cleaning days when we first got here...lucky I had my mom to help (THANKS MOM!)

I am sure if you are reading this you are looking for pictures ... probably of the house. They are coming. I promise. But I must be my orderly, list-driven, self and post my 365 pictures in the correct sequence. Which means ... well, house pictures are coming. :)

Here are some pictures to finish off May (anyone remember May??)

May 16: R&R get married. Glad we got to go before we left. I can't wait to see the pro pics from this wedding. We sat with the photograher at supper and got a sneak peek. YIKES - good stuff!!

May 17: Ok...still from the wedding, but late...so I am counting it for the next day. ;) Plus, I dont get many decent pics of you honey. :)

May 18: "yion" (still working on the L sound). Taryn's most favorite. I think he's adorable.

May 19: More snow. Seriously.

May 20: Cute PJ's. Just wanted a pic in them (although its terribly blurry!! I still love her expression.)

May 21: Taryn and Mommy. :)

May 22: Alphabet magnet game. It didnt take her long to pick up the alphabet song from this toy. Now she sings it all the time. "A B C D E F G, A I J...APPLE-P...W X Y Z" lol!

May 23: Was someone helping me pack?? She has the right idea....sort of!

May 24: Took this pic with Photoshop intentions...will show you the results later.

May 25: High chair moved to the floor for packing purposes...seems like a good toy! She was feeding her baby some 'elmo' (oatmeal).

..........Insert moving truck here....and a bunch of missed picture days. I didnt even get the truck!!.....

May 30: At Grandma M's enjoying a popscicle treat!!

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