Saturday, May 23, 2009

Been busy...

Busy packing. Cleaning. Organizing. Plus all the usual stuff. But its going good, and we are going to be out of here before we know it. 4 days, actually!! I have lots of pictures to update...I will start with the first half of May...and hopefully come back soon and catch up the rest.

May 1: Making muffins

May 2: Having breakfast. Favorites are elmo (oatmeal), cereal, and toast with pb.

May 3: Blowing bubbles (at least TRYING to!)

May 4: I gave her a BIG piece of paper (packing material) and her markers and she went wild. :)

May 5: Silly mommy and taryn.

May 6: House officially sold!!

May 7: Happy Birthday sweet girl!! I can't believe she is 2 already!! These were the presents she got at breakfast on her birthday. We are planning to do a real party for her after we move.

May 8: Scrapbook page of taryn and grandpa b.

May 9: Look like trouble to anyone else?? LOL

May 10: Mothers day - got a carnation from taryn @ church (picture taken at home)

May 11: She loves her gasses (sunglasses)

May 12: Just playing.

May 13: Helping pack!

May 14: More get rid of things around the house.

May 15: Smile!! Her lion is her favorite stuffed animal - she sleeps with it every night.
Thats all for now!! Hope you are all enjoying some nice weather. It is beautiful here today!!

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Bobbi-Lynn said...

Great pictures, Taryn is getting so big! Now I want to see some new house pics! ;-)