Saturday, July 25, 2009 18 days.

Ok...I slipped up major on my picture project for June. Only got 18 of the 30 days. Whoops. I guess life, and moving, and morning sickness, got in the way. Yup...morning sickness. In case you hadnt heard...we are due with baby #2 in January. Here is what I did to that picture I mentioned in the previous post:

This is what the grandma's and grandpa's got to tell them the news. It isnt the greatest picture, but it did the trick!

Onto the June pictures. Now...before anyone gets excited, there are really NO house pictures in this set. Don't ask me why or how this happened...because I dont know. But I will probably fill in some of the blanks with house pics later!

June 1: First...go back and look at May 31's picture. Hot sunshine and popsicles. Next day...TOUQUES!

June 2: Showing off her new bike helmet.

June 9: Showing off her new backpack that grandma made for her.

June 11: Riding a horsey!!

June 13: Helping grandpa water the flowers.

June 16: Momma and baby woodpecker in the feeder outside grandma's kitchen.

June 17: With grandpa m (picture taken for a fathers day project).

June 18: First morning waking up in the house (both in our Eeyore pj's)

June 19: The train (thomas lol) seen from our backyard. Taryn was quite scared of it for a few weeks but now has settled in. Usually we need to run out and count the cars and wave to it now!

June 20: One of my planters on the deck.

June 21: Nephew racing go-carts in the rain. Caught some rooster tail pics!

June 22: A pic for "auntie" Kelsee. ;) In a shirt she got her from Cuba. Thanks K!

June 24: My herb "garden" (planter).

June 25: One of my flower beds, half weeded (can you tell which half??) It was a lot of work to get this bed in shape! (again, thanks mom!!)

June 27: Just being pretty!

June 28: Downpour city!!

June 29: Fixing the playcenter (step 1?)

June 30: Taryn and daddy.

Next, I promise you some house pictures. Promise. :)

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Christopher said...

Congrats Melissa! We're expecting our second in October, a little boy this time. One of each, fun times ahead! Congrats again!