Saturday, August 22, 2009

House pictures....finally!

Ya....I am a little slow, but I finally have some house pictures. I realized now I dont have any pictures of the outside front, or of the basement. The basement is probably because we were doing renos when I was taking I will have to do them later. We are almost done.

In no particular order...

This is our backyard. The playcenter wasnt quite done when I took this, but it is now. Well...except for staining it. But...close enough. And we have added a firepit since this picture.

Main bathroom. This was just redone before we moved in.

Taryn's room. One of 3 rooms we have painted in the house...and one of the only rooms where all the art is on the walls! Actually, since I took this picture, we have switched out the change table for a new dresser and night stand. So...I guess I should take a new picture. :P

Living the big windows. The green carpet...not so much. But it is in good shape so we cant justify changing it right now. One day ... once the kid(s) are done making a mess probably!

Kitchen. Still a little bit of finishing to do in here. We had to raise the countertops (well actually we raised the entire lower cupboards) to accomodate the stove we bought and dishwasher. They were built lower than standard...didnt realize it until we went to put the stove in.
Next I will try and sort out my July pictures. Yes...August is almost over! Seriously...this summer has gone WAY too fast. Probably because we have only had 4 days nice enough to call "summer".

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