Saturday, December 05, 2009

Taryn says...

Taryn is just saying so many things that crack us up these days. I keep meaning to write them down, but I havent yet. So now I am going to blog at least they are recorded somewhere!

All the time, when we suggest something (even simple things, like having Cherios for breakfast) she will say "That's a GREAT idea!"

She is picking up lots of songs from tv, or places she has been, or from music we listen to in the car. I got a sunday school songs CD for her a couple weeks ago and the other day she started singing "I got cheese like a river". Ashton and I looked at each other and said 'cheese?' and just cracked up. (And then corrected her to say Peace! LOL) It still comes out either way.

Other song lyrics:
"row row row your boat, gently down the street! merry merry merry merry (something something) dream"

She just came and handed me a bunch of markers then went off to find something else, but then called back to me "but mom...remember only color on PAPER!"

She is also starting to give her toys "time outs" when they dont do what she wants. Oi!

of I come to record these things and I cant remember half of them. I need to carry a notebook with me at all times!

I have already pre-made a new year's resolution to BLOG MORE OFTEN. So I will try and start early...we will see how it goes!

And here's a picture...just because no post is complete without one. :) Giiiii-Up!

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Bobbi-Lynn said...

LOL, so did you remember to only colour on paper? I wish she would come here and tell Caiden that!
Write as much down as you can, because before long you will forget it.