Sunday, November 08, 2009

Anyone want to go back to August?

because thats how behind I am in posting my pictures here! Sorry to all those who have been checking in and waiting. I bet I have lost 50% of my readers...which will leave me with 2. Ha!

August 1: A scrapbookpage I did.

August 2: Buttered Portabellos. Mmm. Took the picture for a recipe scrapbook page.

August 11: (not sure what happened to the week between!) Outdoor playdate. Missing those already.

August 16: Rider game for our anniversairy. This picture is from my blackberry, and it was FREEZING and raining...but I think we won. I dont even remember! :P LOL

August 17: Another picture from my phone. Taryn is enjoying a carrot from grandpa's gardern. She at a lot of them this summer.

August 21: 4 months pregnant. Ugh...this picture is awful! LOL!

August 24: Someone stole my slippers and socks. And ya...first thing in the morning, if you are wondering why she looks like she is half asleep!

August 25: Another playdate. Out on a friends farm.

August 26: Making homemade pizzas. Yum.

August 27: Reading the Time Travelers's Wife. Great book. Not sure if the movie will be as good (havent seen it yet).

August 29: We had our 10 yr high school reunion today. This was after the kids broke open the pinata.

August 31: Baby jellybean's ultrasound! All was well...just measuring a few days ahead, but thats it.

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Lydia said...

love that layout!