Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What do pigs make?

I just wanted to record this funny conversation with Taryn this afternoon. I think its scrapbook worthy (of course I would!).

She was playing with a farm animal matching game on the fridge while I was making lunch. It sometimes gives her little facts about the animals and this time it said "Did you know? Cows make milk!". So I asked her, "Did you know that cows make milk?" and she nodded her head, yup! Then I asked "What do chickens make?" hmmm...."Nothing!" she said. "Actually, chickens make eggs." I told her. Then I asked "What do pigs make?" (thinking, bacon LOL) but I think her answer was even better.


Oh ya. She's my girl. :)

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Gwen said...

LOL, that's cute!