Monday, June 21, 2010

5 months

At 5 months old, Ellyce:
  • is in love with her toes!! You cant take them out of her sleeper/socks/blanket without her wanting to instantly grab them. See photo above. :)
  • has a great routine. She is fed around 8/8:30 at night and sleeps until 5-7am. Then feeds and goes back to sleep for 3-4 more hours. Then she is awake for a while until feeding time again (usually 3 hours) and then goes for a nap...up again for feeding then awake until bedtime feeding. Its lovely!!
  • will only really laugh for Taryn.
  • loves to play the "whoosh" game...basically running a blanket or cloth over her face. She loves it and has a huge smile every time. This is usually how Taryn gets her to laugh.
  • lays on the floor and coos (sort of a gurgle-y coo) Its super cute! And she loves when someone makes the noise back to her.
  • loves her excersaucer
  • likes to sit in the high chair
  • isnt playing shy (hopefully this will hold out for the reunion we are going to soon!)
  • doesnt like to sit, but loves to stand!

Its a fierce competition...who has more rolls, Ellyce or the elaphant??

See you later!!

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