Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 random pictures.

I was just going to come here and post one picture...then I started cleaning off the camera card and figured I would post a few more. So here you go. 5 Random Pictures.

1. Taryn got this high chair for her dolls for Christmas. We have been joking about putting Ellyce in it for a while...then Grandma insisted we actually do it before she got too big. So here she is! We snapped a few before she started screaming! (no one blamed her!)

2. The other night Taryn says "Look! There's a puppy outside!" Well...turned out it was a Fox!! Chasing a cat. In the yard right accross the street. We live right on the edge of town beside a feild - I am sure it probably lives not too far from us. Hopefully it doesnt ever try to sneak into our fence! At least its better than the cougar wandering around last summer!
3. Daddy's little helper!! Ever since she got her own lawn mower, she has to help every time!
4. Just love her smile!! In the girliest excersaucer in the world!! Cake, flowers, and pink to the max!
5. The original picture I was coming to post...a pretty flower blooming in my front garden. No idea what it is, even though I bought it. And pretty sure I bought more on my last trip to the greenhouse too. I must like them. I should really learn what they are.

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