Saturday, August 28, 2010

7 months

Time is just flying! Not only is my sweet baby getting bigger, but the summer is almost gone! I can't believe September is just around the corner. We see the kids all walking to school again (and Taryn is anxiously awaiting her turn - still 2 years away), the weather is cooling off (still hoping for a bunch more hot days), and we are starting to plan some fall activities. Hockey for dad, gymnastics for Taryn, and its between volleyball and belly dancing for me. Opinions? ha ha

Ok, onto the monthly update. I have to keep this up for a few more months so I can make a book again. I love the book I made for Taryn...especially looking back and remembering that, ya, Taryn did that too!

At 7 months, Ellyce
  • weighs 18lb 14oz
  • is 27.5" long
  • has 2 teeth
  • loves real food. Veggies more than fruit. The day I introduced apples to her I thought...she's going to love this! NOT! She ate it...but made funny faces the whole time. (so we kept spooning it in! ha ha!)
  • Carrots, peas, and zuchinni are her favorites at the moment. Usually mixed with cereal but not all the time. She's also tried apples, nectarine, watermelon, and pears.
  • Has been given ice cream on multiple occassions. Usually there is a grandma involved. You know who you are.
  • Got her 6 months shots like a champ
  • Is sitting up for long periods (up to an hour or more)
  • Can get around the room by rolling or pushing on her back or tummy. Usually goes for a toy of her sisters or the air intake register thingy - she loves to run her fingers over it and make noise.
  • Takes a bottle great. Has had formula a few times, which frees me up to get out a little more now.
  • Had a spurt of getting up in the middle of the night again (probably something to do with teething!) but is now back to sleeping from around 9pm to about 6am.
Onto the pictures!

Really mom, pictures again?
ps (isnt this outfit the cutest? I got 2 of them as gifts for her - in different sizes! I kept both. LOVE it!)

My excited face. (mouth wide open, arms waving). he he

So serious.

With my big sister.

Love 'em both to bits.

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