Sunday, January 09, 2011

11 month update

I guess I should post this before Ellyce is a year old. You week!!!

At 11 months, Ellyce:
  • has 5 teeth
  • is walking pretty well. She can go sometimes for about 10 steps before falling down.
  • can stand up from the floor without any help.
  • is an eating machine. She will eat pretty much anything and everything we put in front of her. And if she sees you getting her meal ready, she will let you know that she wants it NOW! She is getting a mix of baby food and finger foods now.
  • is bugging her big sister more and more. Mostly because Taryn can't just go to her when she wants...instead, Ellyce is constantly at her side, grabbing her toys, pulling stuff down, etc. We tell Taryn it is because Ellyce loves her so much (which is true!) but it doesnt really cut it for her!
  • had a sleepover for 2 nights at Grandma M's house and was a very good girl!
  • is actually leaving the Christmas trees and presents alone. I thought this was going to be very tricky, but it hasnt been too bad! We didnt put any decorations on the bottom of the tree this year!

Birthday party planning is in full swing. We are going to do a combo party with her and daddy (who is turning 30!) Might as well do it together while Ellyce wont care!

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Corinne Linfitt said...

I would just like to say. It's a bout time you updated us. ;)