Friday, December 03, 2010

10 months, and an art project

Again, I am late posting this. But since I am late posting updates almost every month, it sort of evens out, right? (whatever makes me feel better...just amuse me LOL)

At 10 months, Ellyce:
  • just barely cut tooth #3 (on the 15th of Nov)
  • is crawling super fast (I need to find a baby race Ha ha) and pulling herself up on everything and anything
  • can stand on her own for a couple seconds
  • is pointing at everything, especially when you pick her up. She wants to see and touch everything. And she makes this funny "asha" whisper noise when she points. Like she is asking "whats that? whats that?"
  • is such a happy and content girl. I often get comments, especially after something like picking her up after church in the nursery ... "Is she always so good and quiet?" That just makes me smile!! Especially because she is in there at nap time!! (and she's not sleeping!)
  • is a busy body! Always on the move, and doesnt like to be left alone in a room.
  • LOVES bath time!! If we are upstairs, she is almost always aiming to crawl into the bathroom (and we have it blocked off so she has to go the LONG way). She will pull herself up on the bathtub and start shaking and yelling, she is SO excited!! She gets upset when you take her away from it! We have to keep the bathroom door closed most of the time now.
  • loves music!! Anytime there is music from anything - a toy, the tv, the radio, she wiggles her head and her bum (if she's standing). Super cute!! Makes me giggle every time.
And now some pictures:

And one with big sister:

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to get to go to Saskatchewan Scraps - a weekend of scrapbooking in Saskatoon. It was great!! This is the project I did on Friday night:

It hangs in my living room, close to my awesome green wall. I had so much fun doing them, and had a few people ask me to do some for them, even before I finished them! What a compliment, especially since I had never done something like it before. Its just some paint, ribbons, flowers, a couple of words cut out with a Slice machine (borrowed that weekend), and a bunch of mod podge. I love how they turned out!

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Jillian said...

LOve how these turned out!! Simply gorgeous Melissa!