Monday, June 05, 2006

Getting things accomplished?

I have a long list beside me of things I want to get done...and even though some things have been crossed off, there are still a lot more that aren't!! Luckily, nothing is life or death...just stuff I want to do.

While I was home this weekend I went out with my camera again on manual mode...played with aperture a bit again. Here are a few results:

Johnny Jump-ups:

Copper aka Pooky: (my mom's golden)

One of the horses at my mom's:

I got a bit of scrapping done tonight. Well, 1 page. It is with my new kit, called Daddy, that I made for father's day. It is in the DoItDigi mall, if you want to check it out! The photo is of my grandpa and my dad (can you see the resemblance??)
Had a pretty good weekend - my California trip reunion was on Sunday. We had a big movie premier, complete with red carpet, 'security', and paparazzi! It was really cool, and the movie turned out awesome, as usual!! It is so fun to see everything again - esp the rollercoasters! Makes me want to go again!! RIGHT NOW!! :)

Well, I should try and get something else stroked off this list before I go to bed tonight. Thanks for reading!! Leave a comment, just for kicks! :)


Heather M. said...

AWESOME photos, Melissa!!!!! Keep working that camera! I love the Father's Day kit and layout! Great stuff!

Ian H. said...

Nice photos! I especially like the one with the flowers - bright colours and nice framing.

patti said...

Love the lo Melissa, and great job with the photos! Isn't it addictive??? I could mess around with my camera all day and really not be bored with it. SO much to learn!

Heather said...

The fathers day kit looks fabulous. Very talented chickie.

Great photos.