Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Golf, frankenstein, & my hand.

This past weekend we had my work's annual golf tournament. My office is pretty small, so there were only about 16 of us there including 'significant others' and minus those who decided they had other things to do. I think I golfed the best game of my life, which made it all that much more fun!! The boss is awesome and picks up the tab for everything, including some pretty sweet prizes. We came home with a new deep fryer, a camp stove, and a pop up screen tent for me being closest to the pin for the ladies. (Ok, so there were only 6 ladies, but still! It feels good to win something once in a while!!).

The only bummer of the day was that I got stung by something about halfway through the round. I didnt see it, but I sure felt it! Ouch! My hand swelled up pretty nicely by the end of the day. It was terribly itchy and still swollen on Sunday so I went into the minor emerg and got it checked out. In and out in 10 minutes (nice!) with some allergy meds and some sort of ointment for my hand. It is still a bit swollen today, but much better than it was!!

And just because I hate posting without any photos, here is a layout that I did with a picture from my California trip. I laugh at myself every time I see this picture. Love it! :) (Check my S! gallery for the credits).
Have a great day!!


patti said...

I hope your hand is getting better Melissa! And at least it didn't turn as big and puffy and green like Frankenstein!!!!!

take care darling :0)

MonaS! said...

Lovin Frankenstein! Hope your hand is getting better - I HATE it when that happens. Take care, my girl!

Heather M. said...

Hehehe! What a cute layout!!!!! I love the swirls!
Congrats on all the awesome prizes! A deep fryer though?! What a weird prize - or maybe it's just me. LOL!
Hope your hand is feeling better soon! That would be such a pain (especially when you're on the computer all day)!

Heather said...

What great prizes. Glad you had a great time dispite the problems with the sting. Hope your finger is better now. I ended up having to get an epipen and have to go check and see if I am allergic.