Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our poor car!

Ashton was driving to his parents this weekend and got into an accident! He was just sitting at a stop sign on the highway, and a girl turned left from the adjoining highway, right into his car! I don't quite understand how she did that, but in any case, our car is smashed! Both airbags went off, the bumper is smashed (his sister picked up one of our fog lights off the highway 2 days later), and the hood is bent up a bit. Yikes. I am so glad that I didn't go with him. He is fine though - the other girl was shaken up a bit and her car is ok. So now we are car-less (well, borrowing from my parents, God-bless them!) until we can figure out if it will be written off or if they will fix it. If they write it off, it will probably be the best thing, because we sort of wanted a new car anyway! One with 4 doors instead of 2!! That way, we wouldn't have to worry about selling it, or getting a lousy trade-in value for it.

Fingers crossed that they write it off and that we can find something to buy fairly soon and in our price range!

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patti said...

oh no about your car!! So glad to hear Ashton wasn't hurt!!! Hope you're able to get a new car too! woohoo!! we had a 2 door for the first 2 years with Bree, a little hard on the back! :) 4 doors is much better!