Friday, December 01, 2006

I can't believe it's not November!

LOL. Actually, I just can't believe that it is December already!! This year has gone so fast!

To continue with the car story below - it has been written off. AND they are giving us quite a bit more $$ than we anticipated, so that is awesome! We have been shopping around and we have found a car that we have started dealing on - we will probably go sign the papers tomorrow. I am really excited!! It is not a new car, but it is a 2005, and that is new enough for me. It is a silver Pontiac Grand Prix - and it has TONS of trunk space - something I was worried about with a couple of the other vehicles that we were looking at. Actually, one review that I read said that you could put a 9-foot kayak in this car, and still close the trunk! So it's good to know I have a way to haul around a kayak if I ever decide to get one! LOL (Honestly, I would love one!)

I will post a photo if we go get the car. We asked for them to tint the back windows and to install a remote start for us, so that has been put into the deal, too.

Other things I am excited about today? I am working 2 (TWO!) super-awesome projects
with some incredible women! I can't tell you anything about them, other than I am so excited about them both! These jobs coming to me gives me hope for being able to work from home after going on Mat. leave. (Just don't tell my boss yet!).

Have a great Dec 1! Stay warm!


patti said...

hooray for new cars that can carry kayak's!!! and yay for projects and working from home! :)

Heather said...

Excited for you to be able to work from home. Nice that you got them lined up now too. What a blessing!!