Monday, June 25, 2007

Moving day!

Today is moving day! I am just checking in here real quick before our internet gets shut off - hopefully not before I finish this post! We are not quite fully packed up yet - Taryn was real fussy yesterday AND I ran out of boxes! So I have to run over to work this morning and see if they have any I can use.

Our Dr. visit on Friday went well - Taryn is already weighing 11 lbs 8.5 oz! Still in the 100th percentile. So I guess she is getting plenty of food! The dr. said she was really strong too. So that is great!

Friday was sad though, because my mom had to put her dog down. She was the best dog. Friday we stopped in there on our way to the dr and she couldnt even wag her tail or lift her head - she was so energyless. Really not herself. She had the doggy equivalent of lupus and it was attacking her liver and other systems. This bout happened really quickly and so it is really sad. My mom will really miss the company but it is really better for Copper. We will miss her a lot. It is so strange to go to the house and not have her greet us with tail flying.

We miss you, girl!

I will update next from the new house!

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MonaS! said...

Hope the move went well Melissa! So sorry to hear about Copper. Big hugs to you and your whole family!