Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some July Pictures

July. Yup. Remember?? It was a couple of months ago...the sun was, well, supposed to be shining! AAAAAAAAAnyways....
July 1: The playcenter is almost done...testing out the slide!

July 2: A PONYTAIL! This is the first one I got in her hair. And it is SO CUTE!

July 3: Just a random pic!

July 4: In her new BIG GIRL BED!

July 5: Our nephew...the next Dale Jr? As soon as he beats that girl. LOL

July 6: Licking the yogurt lid. A breakfast tradition. The one who taught her that? You know who you are! ;) (grandma! LOL)

July 7: My kitchen, in a disaster zone! This is the day we raised the cupboards up to fit the stove and dishwasher in properly.Luckily it went fairly smooth, because...

July 8: Taryn's 2nd Birthday Party! A little stress getting ready for it with the kitchen "renos" but it all worked out. And yes...her birthday was in May, but we waited to have the party until after we had moved.

July 9: Full moon...out our back window.

July 10: Mommy's new phone!

July 11: Another scenic picture outside our backyard.

July 12: A layout made for Grandma's calendar.

July 13: Another picture of our living room. The skylight there? Its gone leaked, and there are 3 big windows in this room. It was so pointless! (We found out recently it was put there because the previous owners took out a wood stove or something and didnt feel like filling the hole!)

July 14: Hockey girl.

July 15: From our photo shoot with Amanda. Love the pictures we got this day!! Thanks again Amanda!! If anyone wants the name of a great new photographer in the area...let me know!

I will post the rest of July soon....I know I am so pathetically behind. :P

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