Sunday, September 20, 2009

more July pictures

July 16: Helping mow the lawn. I was not real happy about this whole situation as it was happening...but I am assured it was fully controlled and safe! eeks!

July 17: Reading and Riding. LOL (neither of which she can actually do at this point!!)

July 18: At the beach! (in a too-small, first-time-wearing bathing suit)

July 19: About to leave the lake, posing with cousin D.

July 20: She came up to me in the backyard with this stick and said "look mommy! T for Taryn!" and I was stunned!! We have not really been teaching her letters much. So impressed with my smart little girl!!

July 21: The new furniture (dresser and night stand) in Taryn's room that we got for FREE on freecycle. It is in super good shape, even though we were told it is 18 years old! The last thing in her room to move is the shelf ...I have a white one I just want to paint up something pretty on, then I will swap it out with this one to the baby's room.

July 22: A hot morning playing with the puppy sprinkler.

July 23: Making cakes (I think?) mmmm....

July 24: Found her sleeping like this during her nap. Look comfy??

July 25: At the Osler paddling pool. Tons of fun for a toonie! We had the whole pool to ourselves for most of the time we were there, and it was gorgeous out!!

July 26: Grandma B's birthday party.

July 27: I got 4 layouts done using a "recipe" by Amanda at Just Cre8. This is one of them. Never, EVER do I do 4 layouts in a day!! Especially paper ones! And at home!

July 28: hard to see in this picture (maybe click on it to get it bigger) but we built a firepit in the backyard. (under the tree branch, center of the pic)

July 29: NASCAR race in Saskatoon. This is technically Ashtons picture (so are some of the others, but this one obviously is!)

July 30: How many pictures of Taryn and her lion do I have? She always has it! I really need to do a page about this girl and her little "yion".

July 31: She found my touque in the closet. Thought she was cute, so I snapped some pics!

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Bobbi-Lynn said...

Terrific pictures!! Too funny with you and Ashton freezing watching the game. I think that's why I don't do football, I can't stand being cold. At least hockey we can watch INDOORS! LOL

Taryn is getting SO big! And you watch just how much bigger she looks after you bring home the baby ;-)