Monday, April 12, 2010

And THAT'S the story!

I just wanted to record this funny conversation with Taryn this morning. She has a thing for band-aids. Anytime she even remotely has an owie, she says she wants one. Anyway...she really does have a scrape on her knee right now from falling on the sidewalk, and a couple days ago we put a band-aid on it. This morning I heard her ask Ashton for a new one, and then later in the morning I asked her...

me: Did you get a new band-aid?
her: (with enthusiasm!) Yes! This morning I asked daddy for it 'cause the other one wasn't sticking all the way so it comed off and some of it was sticking and some was stuck to my finger and just a little bit was stuck so I asked daddy for a new one the morning when I got out of bed and he was in the bathroom and THATS how I got a new band-aid!
(not a direct quotation, but you get the idea)

Ha ha! She doesnt have a shortage of words or imagination these days. Until someone else comes in the room...then you would think she was a mute. She is constantly singing made-up songs and dancing and putting on shows, parades, etc. Its a fun stage!

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