Monday, June 07, 2010


Just had a few random things I wanted to share.

First, a layout that I got done last night. Taryn got this table and chairs set for her birthday and very much wanted Ellyce to sit with her and play! She sat in there for oh, 30 seconds, before she started tipping over. LOL I am thinking of re-doing the title to "table for 2"...I guess I wasnt very creative last night between stints of rocking Ellyce to sleep.

Second...I have decided to start selling Discovery Toys . The sign-up deal is so sweet that I pretty much couldn't lose. I told my leader (the girl I signed up under) that I likely wouldnt be doing it too seriously, but we will see how it goes! I am having my grand-opening party on Wednesday. It would be nice to have just a little extra cash, and the girls wont mind the extra toys, I am sure! The toys that came in the kit are awesome - Taryn has hardly touched any other toy for the last 10 days. The best part is that they are all educational!!

3. The THREES are proving to be trying. I am hoping this is not a year-long stage!

4. I just found a sweet deal on kijiji for Ashton for father's day. parents found it for me (they knew what I was looking for), and they picked it up for me. :) I love kijiji. And my parents. :) Now...if only I would have gotten such a nice gift for mothers day!! HINT HINT, DEAR!

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Suzanne said...

Such pretty colours, loving them against the dark background. Thanks for playing along with Creative Scrappers this week.

Good luck with your new venture btw - I agree, extra pennies always come in handy (as to extra toys!).