Friday, October 01, 2010

8 months

This post is very late!! I hope I can remember things from 2 weeks ago.

Here is a picture first.
Must be something funny behind that elephant! LOL

At 8 months, Ellyce:
  • weighs 19-20lbs, we are guessing
  • still has 2 teeth (see picture below!)
  • says "dadadaaadada"
  • ticks her sister off when she says "dadadaaadada" to her because she is NOT dada!! LOL
  • is still loved by her sister, most of the time!
  • is getting around like crazy! Not quite crawling, but can roll and push herself anywhere she wants to go, VERY quickly! We have found her in some interesting places...under the china cabinet, in corners, behind chairs, etc.
  • is such a happy girl. Everyone comments on how content she is to just sit and play.
  • is sleeping through the night semi-consistantly. She is usually up between 4 and 6am, and goes to bed around 8:30pm.
  • naps great in the morning, and sometimes has a short nap in the afternoon.
  • eats great. She loves pretty much anything we give her, as long as it doesnt have unexpected chunks in it (missed by the blender). Then she turns into a gagger. Blech! But I can't really blame her. She has even eaten some cheese (in tiny tiny pieces) and cupcake (again, tiny pieces!).

See her cute little chicklets? :) And hair enough to tuck behind her ears! LOL (This didnt happen for Taryn until she was 2! Ha ha)

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Kristi8004 said...

Such a lil cutie, they are so fun aren't they?? Sometimes I miss mine being that little but at the same time LOVE the fact that they can all feel themselves and wipe their own bottoms,LOL!!